About me

Name: #Cervenciuc Iosif | Seppy: #=Nickname | Age: #23 | Birth Place: #Suceava, Romania |

Long story, short version:

I started working on the web, few years ago. Since then I have been creating and testing clean, elegant and creative designs for the web, improving my knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP.

...more soon

Seppy - Web Developer

Areas of expertise and achievements

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Search Engine Optimization, Web graphics, Bug fixing, Template building, Online content monetization.

Advanced in Wordpress and Blogger Platform, Theme Optimization and plugins editing.

Awareness of the Web Development industry, and new technologies.

Knowledge of payment processing, customs clearance and multi-currency pricing.

Knowledge of international web standards and protocols.

Windows OS advanced knowledge, software and bugs fixing.

From 2014 - Active Affiliate on PPI Networks, with pro results in gathering conversions.

From 2016 - Joined Affiliate Networks: Amazon LLC

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